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Chakra, Stone and Essential Oil Correspondences

-Root Chakra Base of spine; low abdominal area. Hematite – general healing & balancing, focuses energies Obsidian – general healing, removes blocks Cinnamon Oil -Sacral Chakra About 2 inches below belly button. Carnelian – health, emotional balance, well being Peach or Pink Aventurine – balances mind, body & aura Orange Oil -Solar Plexus Chakra About […]

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The Benefits of Color Therapy – Part II

TWENTIETH-CENTURY SCIENCE Investigations into the therapeutic use of color were carried out in Europe during the early twentieth century, notably by Rudolph Steiner, who related color to form, shape, and sound. He suggested that the vibrational quality of certain colors is amplified by some forms, and that certain combinations of color and shape have either […]

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