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Arthritis/Gout Oil

(recipe is below) Get your herbs and oils at a place you can trust! Starwest Botanicals not only utilizes their own milling and packaging operations for all organic herbs and bulk spices, they also conduct quality control testing on each and every product in their own laboratory. With attention like that, you can be sure […]

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leg cramps

Three Ways to be Free of Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps You’re peacefully sleeping when suddenly a sharp pain interrupts your dreams. You’re about to make the catch of a lifetime for your baseball team when something more than mild discomfort ricochets throughout your body. You’re temporarily paralyzed and even the slightest movements hurt. Leg cramps Often leg cramps strike out of nowhere, without […]

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Old time recipes

(Some of these are a hoot, and I don’t think I would try them!) ACNE: Juice from the leaves of a rose hip bush applied daily over the affected area. APPETITE – LOSS OF: Boil two cups of dogwood bark with 2 cups of water and drink 3 times a day. ARTHRITIS: Two tsp of […]

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