Home Medicine for Pet Fleas – Homemade Flea Bath

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Home Medicine for Pet Fleas – Homemade Flea Bath

Peter and I were planting flowers and trees outside this past weekend. A stray kitty came up to us and we took her in. We are keeping Lucy in the bathroom away from our other cats, Chloe and Fancy. The floors are not carpet and we took all rugs and towels out to make sure their are no places for the fleas to hide. We want to get rid of the fleas without using chemicals. It is a slow process but it will be worth it.

We feed our cats oven baked cat food from Flint River Ranch, so we know Lucy’s immune system is growing stronger everyday. Fleas like sick blood, so it is important to keep your cat healthy. I comb her a few times a day with a flea comb to stop the cycle of fleas.

When I feed her, I mix some Liquid Chlorophyll in with her wet food to strengthen her immune system.

I found a Homemade Flea Bath recipe I’m going to try this weekend. I will return with the progress.

It has been 2 weeks since Lucy walked up to us outside. I am hoping that the flea I combed off of Lucy yesterday morning was the last one. She looks so much better than 2 weeks ago when we took her in. We have been successful in keeping the fleas off of our other 2 cats.

I put 1 drop of Geranium on each of their collars. The collars are woven so the Geranium would soak into the collar. Extra caution should be taken when using Essential Oils with cats. I did the same thing for Lucy. I will do this once a week for 1 to 2 more weeks, until I see that the flea problem is completely under control.

For Lucy, I made the homemade lemon flea bath, put the mixture in a spray bottle and soaked her with it. I did this a couple of times and continued to comb off fleas.

A couple days later, I made a mixture of 2 ounces water and 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and put it in a 2 ounce spray bottle. I would not do this more than once, since Tea Tree Oil is not good to be used very much on cats. I sprayed Lucy down with this mixture and held her in a towel for 20 minutes. If you are going to try this yourself, I advise to maybe use even less of the Tea Tree Oil and not do it more than once. Make sure there is ventilation for the cat. An open window would be good. Do your own research on Essential Oils and cats. I do not want any harm coming to any animals because of the content of this site.

I then put the towel in a bathtub of water to make sure no fleas got away. I have combed off about 4 more fleas since the Tea Tree Oil. When combing her with a flea comb, the little black droppings are nearly gone, and I haven’t seen a flea on her since yesterday morning. I continue to spray the lemon mixture around her room, and have cleaned the floor and places she sits continually. A towel is under her door to keep fleas from leaving her room, and I also spray the outside of her door with an essential oil mixture to keep fleas from escaping. I will continue with an update next time.

Doing flea control without chemicals takes some time and patience but it is worth it. Reading Flea Control: Organic Beats Toxic helped to keep me from panicking.

Wednesday July 30th was the last day I put one drop of Geranium on Lucy’s collar. After that I removed 2 fleas. We let Lucy out of the bathroom on Friday August 1st just while we were home. I have been combing her every day still and haven’t seen any fleas! She has been running all over the house chasing Chloe and attacking Fancy. (Chloe is the black and white cat pictured to the left.) Fancy stands her ground and Lucy backs off. Chloe runs, so Lucy chases her. Lucy sure has made our other two kitties more active. Chloe hisses at her and has started to chase Lucy back. Today I found Lucy and Fancy laying in the same spot. What a joy that was! It looks like our natural flea control has worked! Our house is more exciting with Lucy.

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