Back to School Anti-Stress Blend

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Back to School Anti-Stress Blend

With the start of school we must also address the issues of stress. Stress is definitely not exclusive to business-type executives. Children feel the effects of stress as well, and are usually less equipped to deal with the resulting emotions and health issues that surround this condition. This blend can be placed in an inhaler or even on a tissue and placed in a plastic bag for inhalations throughout the day as needed. It is also wonderful when used in the bath at the end of a particularly long and stressful day.

* 15 drops Bergamot
* 15 drops Lavender
* 15 drops Marjoram
* 15 drops Lemon

Mix in a 2ml bottle. Inhale directly or blend into a carrier oil for massage at one drop of blend to one ml of carrier oil. Try adding 4-10 drops of the blend directly into a bath (use 1/2 the amount for children). Inhale deeply and enjoy!

To make this bath even more beneficial, blend two tablespoons of honey with one cup of very hot water, add your blend of essential oils and pour this mixture into the running water of your tub. Soothing to the skin and the nerves! WOW!

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