Pet Shampoo for Irritated Skin Recipe

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Pet Shampoo for Irritated Skin : Beer-Baby-Tea

Baby Shampoo 8oz
Glycerine 2oz
Stale beer 4oz
Green tea 2 bags
Chamomile tea 2 bags
Lemon juice from one lemon
Vitamin E capsule 400 IU

Steep green & chamomile tea bags in ½ cup of Hot water For 20 minutes

While waiting for the tea, mix the glycerine with the vitamin E
And,the lemon juice with the stale beer
And then add to the Baby Shampoo………
Shake well
Then add the Tea brew ( ½ cup)
And the glycerine………shake well and you have a great shampoo.

Add: 1 part of your standard flea shampoo to 3 parts of homemade shampoo.

Add 1 part of your veterinary brand and mix with 2 pars of home made shampoo.

Use one or all three into the mix.

To help the skin heal

To repel fleas & tick, and control molds & yeast

To repel fleas & tick, kill germs

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