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When to Choose Energy Healing

The term energy healing encompasses many healing techniques, including Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, La Ho Chi, lightbody work, Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light, craniosacral, Feldenkris, and lots of others. Most energy healing methods share some common traits and, with the best energy healers, some common outcomes. Common Traits of Energy Healing The client is […]

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Essential Oil to Symptom List

The following oils may assist in alleviating the complaints featured. This is not a comprehensive list nor is it considered to be a prescription for the named complaint. Angelica — Herb Seeds Roots — Cough, Cold, Fever, Flatulence, Indigestion. Aniseed — Herb Seed Pod — Indigestion, Coughs, Bronchitis, Catarrh. Apricot — Kernel- Oil — From […]

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Using Homeopathic Remedies for Injuries

“The greatest value Homeopathy in sports? Its speed of action. I can use homeopathic medicines like Arnica directly on the soccer field.”–Dr. Jean-Marcel Ferret./1 So without any further ado, what remedies should you have with you on the sports field? We might as well start with Arnica, as, without a doubt, Arnica has almost single-handedly […]

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