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Healing Stones and Their Uses

  Amber: This “good luck” stone brings the purifying, revitalizing force of the sun and the absorptive, transmuting energy of the earth together to create a powerful tool. Draws disease out of the body and transforms it. Clears negativity. 2nd chakra. Amethyst: Spiritually uplifting, intuition, Inner alignment. Helps heal arthritis, hearing, and bones. 6th chakra. […]

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Strengthening and Protecting Your Aura

Proper diet, exercise, and fresh air are very important. Limit your use of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs as they will weaken your aura. Stress, mental disorders, emotional trauma, worry and fear will also weaken your aura. To strengthen your aura you should get plenty of physical exercise, cleanse the bowels to remove Toxins, and meditate. […]

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Chakra, Stone and Essential Oil Correspondences

-Root Chakra Base of spine; low abdominal area. Hematite – general healing & balancing, focuses energies Obsidian – general healing, removes blocks Cinnamon Oil -Sacral Chakra About 2 inches below belly button. Carnelian – health, emotional balance, well being Peach or Pink Aventurine – balances mind, body & aura Orange Oil -Solar Plexus Chakra About […]

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