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Old time recipes

ACNE: Juice from the leaves of a rose hip bush applied daily over the affected area.

APPETITE – LOSS OF: Boil two cups of dogwood bark with 2 cups of water and drink 3 times a day.

ARTHRITIS: Two tsps. of powder from a creek willow bark in a cup of water, drink morning & night.

ASTHMA: Make a pillow, about * inch thick and fill with rabbit tobacco. This helps night attacks. Or take a stick the exact length of the sufferer, store it in the attic and the asthma would go away. Or wear amber-colored beads.

BALDNESS: Rub cow dung over scalp.

BED WETTING: Make a tea out of corn silks.

BIRTH PAINS: Put a knife between the straw-tick and the feather bed.

BITES – INSECT: Place a small amount of turpentine on the bite or hold a chaw of tobacco over it. (this is still used).

BITES – SNAKE: Slice open a live chicken and leave the intestines inside. Place over the bite to draw out the poison.

BLEEDING: Put chimney soot over the wound as needed; also cobwebs were usedor a mush-room.

BLISTERS: Scrape two carrots, add 2 tbls. lard and 2 plaintain leaves. Stew & strain, apply to blister.

BLISTERS – FEVER: Put cucumber juice on them.

BLOOD – TONICS: The powdered red roots of a sassafrass bush, drink 2 tablespoons a day.

BLOOD – POISONING: Use green berries from bullnettle and boil in a quart of water; drink daily.

BLOOD – PRESSURE: Chop several onions fine and place in a quart of water for a day. Drink a cup a day for a week.

BOILS: Take out the inner skin of a raw egg and place on boil. (Used that one many times!).

BRONCHITIS: Drink a mixture of honey, lemon juice and alum. (Never heard of the alum).

BRUISES: One egg (shell included), 1 tbl. salt, * pint turpentine; one large cake of shredded camphor Gum, one tbl. coal oil or kerosene; one pint apple vinegar. Fill a bottle 2/3rds full, cork and Shake. Spread over bruise, do not bandage.

BURNS: Scrape the inside of an “arsh” potato until it is a pulp and rub on the burn.

CHIGGER BITES: Rub bacon rind over them.

COLDS: * cup molasses, 1 tbl. butter, 2 tbls. White vinegar cooked 10 minutes. Take 1 tbl. Every hour. OR 1 tbl coal oil, one tsp. turpentine, 1 tbl. lard. Heat and apply on chest as needed. Onlywear red flannel
underwear. Or, catch a sowbug and put in a bag and wear around the neck.

COLIC: 1 drop peppermint and 6 tsps hot water. Give 1 tbls. every two hours.

CONSTIPATION: 1 tbl. white mustard seed and 1/4th pint syrup; take 1 tbl. a day.

COUGHS: * pint whiskey, 2 boxes rock candy; 1 tbl. glycerine. Put in bottle and shake, 1 tbl. at a time.

CROUP: One piece of pine and wrap a piece of old bacon around it. Hold over coals and catch the Drippings. Give to baby as needed.

CUTS: Rub cow dung over the cut. (I’ve had that used on bee stings when I was a child.)

DIARRHEA: Boil the smallest roots of the blackberry bush in a quart of water until it boils down to 1 pint. Cool and strain, take 1-2 tbls 3 times daily. (Note, I know those who will just chew on the roots of the blackberry bush).

EARACHE: Cut a twig from a hickory tree, hold over a stove until the sweet oil runs out. Use in ear. Or: Pour warm urine in the sore ear.

EYES – BLACK: A peeled raw potato will draw the black out.

EYEWASH: Bottle March snow – save for use during rest of year.

FRECKLES: Locate a stump that has rain water standing in it and wash the face with the water.

HAIR – LOSS: One bottle of alcohol, one chopped onion, 20 white birch leaves. Bring to boil, let it Sit overnight, then rub into scalp for 15 minutes.

HEADACHE: Put camphor on a dry cloth and tie around the head.

HIVES: Mix 2 cups of sheep manure to * gallon of water to make a tea and drink a cup 3 times a day!

INDIGESTION: * ounce rhubard, * oz. Gentian root, * oz. Orange peel, 1 qt. Brandy. Drink as needed.

INFECTION: * cup epsom salts in a pan of water, soak.

INSOMNIA: 2″ onion sliced up and boiled in a pint of water, strain and drink as a tea.

ITCHING: Sulphur powder mixed with lard. Cover affected area.

MEASLES. To break out use a 8 oz. Glass of whiskey and add 2-3 tbls. sugar, fill rest of glass with water. Or: use sheep dung and make a tea, drink tea. Chicken dung could be used also.

MOLES: Squeeze juice from a milkweed plant and apply to mole.

MUMPS: Mix 1 lb. Oatmeal and * pint yeast, heat and apply to swelling.

NAUSEA: Chew mint leafs.

NERVES: 1 piece rock candy in a jig of whiskey. Drink.

NOSEBLEEDS: Pour a gallon of milk on the back of the victim’s neck. Or fold a piece of paper over and Place on the upper lip; a bean will also work; or soak feet in cold water.

PNEUMONIA: Mash cooked onions and put between two cloths, fasten to victim’s chest.

POISON IVY: Put washed leaves of a sweet fern in boiling water and apply to affected area.

RHEUMATISM: Boil dried apple peelings, strain, drink hot 4 times daily. Or: Wear the front foot of a mole in a bag – a rabbit foot would also work. Or: turn your shoes upside down at night. Or put a Copper wire around the joint (sound familiar?), or carry sulfur in your pocket. Or break the ice and Jump into the river. Or get stung by bees. Or blind a live toad and hold it over the achingplace. Or put the entrails of a chicken on your feet. Or rub with racoon grease, bacon grease, fishing worm oil, goat grease or skunk grease. Or:
sleep with a dog or cat as the animal will take your pains away.

SHINGLES: Kill a black chicken by wringing its head off and while the body is still warm, rub over the affected area.

SINUS: 1 tsp salt and 1 cup warm water – sniff through nasal passages.

SORE THROAT: 1 cup vinegar, 2 tbls. sugar and a spinkle of black pepper. Gargle.

SPRAINS: Soak brown paper in vinegar and wrap around affected joint.

STOMACH ACHE: 2 mint leaves in 8 oz. glass cold water, drink as needed.

SUNBURN: Cider vinegar to affected areas.

TEETHING: Boil catnip, steep, 1 tsp. at bedtime.

THRUSH Let an old woman (preferably a witch) blow in the child’s mouth. Or, let the seventh son or daughter blow. Even the breath of a jilted lover would work.

TOOTHACHE: Wad of tobacco on sore tools or two cloves (the latter I’ve always used!)

WARTS: Rub castor oil over wart. Or take 9 grains of corn and rub them over the wart. Feed the corn to one old hen. OR: Steal a dishrag, rub it over the wart, bury the rag and when the rag is rotted, wart will disappear.

MILD SEDATIVE: Pour 1 pint boiling water over 1 tsp. dried catnip. Cover and steep until cool.Strain and sweeten. Start with 2 Tlb. increase by 1 Tlb. until you find the right amount. Store inthe fridge.

HOP SEDATIVE: Pour 1 pint boiling water over 1 1/2 tsp. dried hops flowers. Let steep, covered,10 minutes. Strain and sweeten. Add lemon juice. Drink the entire pint.

FEVERFEW TEA: Pour 1 pint boiling water over 1 ounce of feverfew flowers. Cover and steep until cool. Strain and sweeten with honey. Drink cool.

TO INDUCE SLEEP: Mix 2Tlb dried peppermint with 1Tlb each of rosemary and sage. Pour 1pint boiling water over the herbs, steep for 5 to 10 minutes, strain and sweeten with honey.Acne Treatments

ACNE TREATMENT: Dilute some liquid hand soap and apply a thin layer to the face. Leave on overnight and it will help to dry up eruptions. CAUTION: This can dry out the skin pretty fast, so only use this once a week.

ANOTHER ACNE TREATMENT: Make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply to the face and leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse off with apple cider vinegar. Rinse again with clear water. Apply acoating of vitamin E oil to your face and leave on overnight.

TREATMENT OF ACNE: Clean face thoroughly. Apply fresh onion juice to the area. Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse well. Use daily.

A COUPLE MORE TREATMENTS FOR ACNE: Pour 1 1/2 cups boiling water over 3-4 table-spoons of dried thyme. Let steep 30 minutes Strain and bottle the liquid. Keep refrigerated.Teenagers with acne problems can use this daily as a facial rinse.Rub the face with a crushed strawberry. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly withwarm then cold water. This will help to clear blemishes. CAUTION: Many people are allergic tostrawberries. Try a patch test before proceeding to use the facial treatment.

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